M.S.D. of Wayne Township Student Dress Code Guidelines

The Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township is committed to providing an environment that is the most beneficial for student’s safety and learning.  A broad-based committee of parents, teachers, students and administrators developed the following guidelines which were approved by the Wayne Township School Board. They were designed to reflect Wayne Township’s Community values.  These guidelines are consistent with the Student Conduct Rules for the MSD of Wayne Township.

No article of clothing, tattoo or accessory may contain language or graphic representations depicting or promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, showing gang affiliation or encouraging gang activity, violence, or sexual activity.  These guidelines are provided to assist students and their families in recognizing what is acceptable in the Wayne Township schools.  Please contact your student’s principal for further clarification and requests for special circumstance exemptions.

All shirts or tops must “cover” the underarm, chest, shoulders (no spaghetti straps), stomach, and back.

Pants, Skirts, Shorts
All articles of clothing on the lower torso must rest naturally at the top of the hip to ensure that undergarments are not visible in the standing or sitting position. Shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh/fingertip in length when a student’s arms are comfortably at his/her side.  Clothing which is primarily constructed of spandex, spandex type  or  other excessively tight material is  not  permitted as  an outer garment, unless it  is  covered by acceptable clothing at the mid-thigh/fingertip length.  Pajamas are not permitted.  Any holes in the clothing above fingertip length must be covered with tape or other materials.

Footwear must be worn in school at all times.  House shoes and house slippers are not permitted.  At the elementary level, shoes should be appropriate for recess and student safety should be a consideration. Excessively loose shoes or shoes that pose a tripping hazard should be avoided.

Jackets are permitted to be worn in the school during the instructional day.    Heavy coats designed for frigid temperatures and/or excessively large coats are not permitted.

Headwear and Glasses
Sunglasses shall not be worn in the buildings.  Head coverings will not be permitted during the school day. Students may appropriately use articles (barrettes, bandannas, headbands, scarves) designed to pull or hold hair.

Hair/Facial Jewelry
Student’s hair, jewelry, or other accessories should not interfere with the educational environment of the school or safety of each student.

Book Bags/Backpacks
Book bags and backpacks are permitted in school.  Excessively large bags and bags with rollers may be restricted during the school day.

Undergarments/See Through Materials
Undergarments are not to be visible at any time.  Outer garments are to be worn in a manner which will cover up all undergarments. See through materials do not constitute “cover.”

This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of prohibited items.   Clothing, accessories, and other items deemed disruptive, offensive, or contrary to the school’s mission by the school administration may be prohibited.