Student Clubs

*Registration is required for most clubs. See your IMPACT teacher for details.

Club Description Sponsor(s)
GSA Club This club is for anyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+ as well as allies. The purpose of this club is to dedicate a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and their allies to meet, support one another, discuss issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia. Some activities include: creating and displaying educational material for National Suicide Prevention Month, book studies, discussing emotions and issues students are facing, and combined activities with Ben Davis High School LGBTQQ + Friends club. Mrs. Weir, Mr. Rogers
Chess Club If you have ever been interested in learning chess, played chess before, or want to see if you can beat a teacher at chess then join chess club. Challenge your mind with strategy, if you move too quickly that might be the end of the game for you. Chrome books will be needed and will meet in the cafeteria. Mr. D. Jones
Random Acts of Kindness Club To build self-esteem and raise school morale by showing every person at our school that he or she really can make a difference. To bring everyone at our school together in a cooperative, caring way. To remind students to look for the good they see in people! To change the world with kindness! Mrs. Vanderveer, Ms. Bethea
Mindfulness and Meditation Club Students interested in practicing meditation will find a safe space to be present with others that also are interested in cultivating present moment attention, self-awareness, and stress-reduction skills. Ms. Cooper
Uno and Pop It Club Students will be able to connect with other students in the building by playing games like UNO, Connect 4, Pop-It Game, and other similar games. Mrs. Schweitzer, Mrs. L. Bailey
Literary Magazine This club is for students who would like to create a literary magazine that includes writings, poems, artwork, and photography that are composed and created by NGC students. We need students who are willing to advertise the product, to go through submissions, and to design the magazine. Mrs. Walker
Business Professionals of America Club BPA is a co-curricular business organization that emphasizes career/technical skill development, developing confidence and spirit of competition, with an opportunity to develop leadership skills. Students have an opportunity to compete at regional, state, and national levels. Please see your business teacher for more information. Check out the National BPA Website: There are dues involved for joining this club which will be discussed at our first meeting. Ms. Fulford
Cardio Club Do you want to get in better physical shape? This club will give you an opportunity to get in a morning workout to get the body and mind moving. You will learn the proper techniques of lifts while gaining the knowledge needed for lifelong fitness. Mr. Hartman
Best Buddies Club This club includes students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), as well as advocates for individuals with IDD, and creates awareness for these individuals. Ms. Barnes, Mrs. Cain, Mr. Martell
Art Club–Imagination Students Only This club is for team Imagination students that enjoy expressing themselves through visual art. Imagination students will have the opportunity to try a variety of different art media alongside like-minded peers. Ms. Burosh
Art Club–For students currently NOT enrolled in an art class This club is for any student not currently in an art class that enjoys expressing themselves through visual art. Students will have the opportunity to try a variety of different art media alongside like-minded peers. Ms. Vaughan
Crocheting for Teens Have fun by learning how to crotchet and create items to give back to the community! Ms. Wagner
Page Turners Page Turners is a Book club where the group reads the same novel and gathers together to discuss the book. Mrs. D. Rogers
GRIT If you want to learn more about travel and community, join GRIT. We will take trips to several places in Indianapolis this year, learn plan and budget trips, learn how to ride the city bus, and plan an overseas trip too. We will talk about how to make your travel dreams come true and help others in our community through community service. So, what are you waiting for? Come join! Mrs. Miller
Mindful Musicians Come learn basic drum music and increase your relaxation skills! We will be learning vintage and contemporary percussion music using a variety of instruments. We will be hand drumming with African Djembes, snare drumming and bucket banging. Drum circle will be complemented with exercises in self-awareness, mental focus and inner calm. Mrs. K. Rogers