Student Clubs

Are you looking for something to become involved with this year at the NGC? Becoming a member of a club or athletic team is a great way to meet new friends and ease the transition to high school. Students from the NGC may also participate in clubs at the high school. If you are interested in that, please see your counselor.

Art Club

Art Club will be exploring Graphic Design using the Gimp 2.0 platform. The members will gain the knowledge to design Art Education flyers, coloring comic book and manga characters. We will also learn 21st Century Art Styles such as Manga, Anime and Modern African art.  We will meet from 3:30-4:30 in F109 on Mondays. See Mr. Abram for more details.

BPA/Microsoft Certification

All students are welcome to join Business Professionals of America during this school year.  BPA is a premier co-curricular Career and Technical Student Organization that helps members learn how to go from student to professional in knowledge, skill and ability.  Programs are provided in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields.  Members will have an opportunity to showcase their skills in the areas of finance, business administration, management and information technology through Regional Competitions held in December, State Competition held in March, and an opportunity to travel to a National Leadership Conference held in Anaheim, CA, in May 2019.  This club is coordinated through the team Business Teachers and will be sponsored by Ms. Fulford (VCA – A102) and Mr. Williams (Univ – A211).  Meetings will be held twice per month with more frequent meetings as competitions are closer. Visit to learn more.

Cardio Club

Cardio Club is designed to educate and assist students in the area of physical health.  Students participating in this club will learn the proper techniques of static and dynamic exercise through the use of exercise machines, free weights and the bigger, faster, stronger program.  The club will meet every odd day from 3:30-4:30 (except Fridays) in the NGC cardio room. See Mr. Sims (E101) and Mr. Hartman (B104) for more details.

Coder DoJo

Coder Dojo is a computer programming club. It meets 2 weeks a month on Wednesdays after school. Students who participate will learn different computer languages and pick one that he or she wishes to work on more in depth. Students will also have an opportunity to meet computer programming professionals from Indianapolis and have one of them serve as a mentor for their project. See Mrs. Rogers (Media Center) for more details.

French Club

This is the place where francophiles come together! If you’re at all interested in French Culture (Croissants, Crèpes, Architecture, Language, etc.) this is the place for you! No French Language experience required – but if you’re looking to practice your french, there will be activities for that as well. Just be prepared to eat, listen to french music, watch french movies, and hang out with other people who enjoy la vie française! See Mr. Angelides (B102) for more details.

MakerSpace/Page Turners

Page Turners is an after-school book club. It meets once a month on Tuesdays. Students check out the book to be read that month ahead of time from the school library. During the meeting, the group discusses the book and how it relates to them and the world around them. See Mrs. Rogers (Media Center) for more information.

Read-In Club

Every other Thursday, students will be able to relax and read in a quiet place after school.  We will meet from 3:30-4:30 in the Media Center for silent reading.  Snacks and drinks will be served.  There will be a Google form to complete every other week.  See Ms. Kilway (E205) or Mrs. Rogers (Media Center) for more information.


STaT Club is STudent Advisory Team for Adrenaline Academy.  This group of leaders is involved in BDNGC in many ways.  They raise funds for philanthropies, such as Breast Cancer Awareness.  These students recognize effort and achievement on Adrenaline by planning team parties, decorating hallways and lockers, and organizing events. They also promote school spirit through spirit days and school-wide events.  Membership is by application and is limited to students on Adrenaline. See Mrs. Winsor (F203) for more details.


WNGC students create an 80-page-yearbook showcasing the Ninth Grade Center’s year-in-review.  They practice journalist reporting skills, take photographs, and use a computer program to generate a book to market to the student body.  Yearbook meets during Impact period. See Mrs. Walker (B103) for more details.