School Facts

Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center Information

Official Name: Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center

School Colors: Purple & White

Mascot: Giants

Address: 1150 North Girls School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46214

School Opened: August, 2005

NGC Why: To have a profound impact on our students’ lives through forging connections and providing engaging experiences that can lead to unlocking their belief in themselves and finding their passion.

NGC Vision: Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center will provide a unique educational experience that creates a love of learning and cultivates critical thinkers and innovators to be prepared to tackle problems for all careers, including those which may not yet exist.

NGC Mission: All students at the Ninth Grade Center will experience a challenging academic environment in which they will learn content and skills that prepare them for an ever-changing world. Through implementation of high level academic and social supports, scholars will thrive and be on track to graduate. Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center staff are uniquely positioned to create an impactful year-long experience for all MSD Wayne Township students.