Mrs. Swaner-Templeton

Guidance Director / Student Services Director
(University Academy, Adrenaline)


  •  Education Specialist in the field of  School Psychology
  •  Masters of Education in the field of School Psychology
  •  Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  •  Associate of Science in Psychology


  •  Director of  School Services Personnel
  •  School Psychologist, Professional  and Private  Practice
  •  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


  •  Guidance at Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center
    Guidance Director at Fulton Jr. High
    School Psychologist for Wayne Township
  •  Director of Bridge School for Putnam County Schools
  •  Behavioral Consultant for Old National Trail Special Services Cooperative
  •  Private Practice Therapist
  •  Contract Therapist for Charter Hospital  outpatient, intensive-outpatient and inpatient
  •  Contract School Psychologist for Vigo County Schools
  •  Social  Services  Director  at Vigo County Home
  •  Children’s Unit Therapist for Charter Hospital
  •  Psychological Clinician for Associated Psychologists and Counselors

Voice-mail Number: 317-988-7608