Mrs. Martin

Mrs. Martin

Enrollment Specialist

Mrs. Martin is bi -lingual and able to support our three student services department in addition to assisting our students and their families in the following ways:

Student Enrollment:  We prefer to enroll by appointment. This allows you & your student personal time to meet with a counselor to develop a schedule, discuss any personal issues or concerns, and ask any questions. When you call to schedule an appointment, your address will be verified and you will be required to bring two proofs of your residency in at the time of enrollment. In addition to your residency information you will need the following:  your child’s birth certificate, social security card or number, immunization record, (if enrollment takes place after school has started) we will need withdrawal papers from previous school, (if enrollment takes place prior to the school year) we will need your child’s final report card and standardized test scores. You will also be given bus stop details at the time of enrollment.

Student Withdrawal:  The withdrawal process takes two days to complete. (One day to WD from even day classes, and one day to WD from odd day classes.)  You may call or send a note to me specifying your child’s complete name, grade, last date to attend NGC, your new address (if available), and the name & address of your child’s new school. Your child will be given a withdrawal form, and will be explained how it is to be completed.  All books should be returned to his/her teachers, request final class grade, return all books to the library, and completely clean out his/her locker.

Voice-mail Number: 317-988-7601