M.S.D. of Wayne Township BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) Guidelines

The Wayne Township High Schools offer a filtered Wi-Fi network on campus. Students may bring a personal device to school to use for educational purposes. Students are expected to connect to the filtered Wi-Fi network to ensure access to quality online resources.

Important Facts

  • Users of the Wi-Fi network have filtered Internet access just as they would on a district-owned device.
  • Wayne Township High Schools offer many educational resources via the Internet. These resources can be accessed anytime and anywhere students have access to the Internet; therefore, learning is extended beyond the classroom.
  • Students may bring their own technology device (laptop, netbook, cell phone, tablet, etc.) to school to be utilized in the classroom at the discretion of the teacher.
  • By  connecting  to  the  schools  Wi-Fi,  users  accept  the  terms  of  the  MSD  of  Wayne  Township’s Responsible Use Policy (RUP) located on the MSD of Wayne Township website at http://www.wayne.k12.in.us/district/policy/pdf/I_files/IJND.pdf
  • Students are expected to exhibit digital responsibility/citizenship and follow the Responsible Use Policy
    (RUP) while using personal or district-owned technology.
  • Students will log onto the Wi-Fi network by using their district-provided username and password.

Device Responsibility

  1. Students are expected to connect to the filtered Wi-Fi while on campus.
  2. The technology devices students bring to school are their sole responsibility.
  3. The district assumes no responsibility for personal devices if they are lost, loaned, damaged, or stolen. Only limited time or resources will be spent trying to locate stolen or lost items.
  4. Personal devices may be subject to investigation in accordance with district policy.
  5. Students are to keep their devices secure at all times and not loan them to others.
  6. Students must keep devices on silent mode during the school day.
  7. Audible use of devices is not permissible unless authorized by a staff member.
  8. Students are expected to arrive on campus with fully charged devices.
  9. Students must follow school procedures for reporting illness, early dismissal, and other forms of communication home.

Appropriate Student Use

As with any tool, there are appropriate places and times for the use of devices while at school.
Staff members have the right to prohibit use of devices at certain times or during designated activities (i.e. testing, campus presentations, theatrical performances, or guest speakers).

Usage Allowed Prohibited
When designed by staff for educational purposes(classrooms, offices, and media centers) X
Commons X
Halls during passing period X
Cafeterias X
Restrooms X
Locker rooms X

Common Practices

Students should understand the common practices below which may be required at certain times.

Screens at 45 Degrees Screens down on desk Devices on silent
laptop classroom Silence Your Cellphones

Assessment Practices

Students are prohibited from having a personal electronic device during standardized assessments.

Assessment Type Allowed Prohibited
Acuity X

Access & Grading

Students who do not have access to personal devices may be provided with a comparable district-owned device during school where appropriate. Students not using technology devices will be provided with a similar assignment that does not require the use of a device to complete. Learning and grading will not be affected.

Tips for Success

  1. Clearly label all devices and power cords with student’s name.
  2. Set a password or passcode on the device.
  3. Bring devices to school fully charged and in good working order.
  4. Silence devices during the school day.
  5. Bring headphones to use with devices.
  6. Record the serial number and model information at home.
  7. Follow direct instruction from staff regarding usage.