Late Buses Starting January 9 (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Late buses will run on Tuesday and Thursday, beginning Thursday, January 9th. Please use this opportunity to stay and work with teachers on incomplete work or credit recovery. Just touch base with your team leader to find out who will be here to work with students.

Students can choose to stay after to work with a teacher or get help from teachers to catch up on missing work or prepare for Finals. Each team will have at least one teacher staying after each evening. Students can check with their teachers to learn this schedule.

Buses will depart campus a few minutes after 5 PM, Monday – Thursday. Students that are intending to stay must stay in the building and head directly to the class they will be working in. Students that exit the building will not be permitted to re-enter.

Those interested need to coordinate a ride home or plan on using late buses. Any questions can be directed to Mr. Lux in B101 or Mr. Casey in A105.